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Kisumu feminists society members in one of our sustainable monthly meetings.

We are a young feminist organization in kisumu Kenya that works with women, trans and gnc persons. Our work mostly entails sparking conversations around emerging issues and shedding light on them and this we do through advocacy both online and offline. We organize protests, create forums for conversations to happen in what we call Monthly Feminist Meetings and other events that highlight a particular topic with a specific list of demands for the government or other decision makers.

We are a membership organization and are currently at 60 members with our organization by run by Afrika, our coordinator cum Director.

Our first ever event was the Anti Femicide March in Kenya which was held in March 2019 and demanded that the government of Kenya declare Femicide an issue of national emergency. This protest that brought together several human rights organizations, activists and women leaders in government which was responsible for us getting the visibly we needed that day.

Since then, this March has provided us with an opportunity to organize and have structures that ensure the smooth running of our activities. Currently, KFS provides a platform that empowers women, trans and gnc persons from diverse backgrounds, those who normally don’t get a seat at the table to speak up about issues affecting ex. gender based violence and help provide spaces where these women can converge, converse and come up with strategies for dealing with these issues in a swift and effective manner.

Currently we have been having monthly feminist meetings that began as sessions sponsored by us in our own spaces but slowly graduated to bigger ones wit more attendance in our safe spaces. This began in October 2019 and has been going on strongly for the past one year. For 2021/2022 sessions, we are open to partnering with different organizations that have the same values and beliefs as us to work towards achieving a common goal as we believe in the power of the people and using available resources to bring about change. Please be on the look out for our sessions for 2021/2022!

For more information on how we can partner, Please email us on

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We are a group of radical inter-sectional feminists from Western Kenya and beyond.

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