Humanizing Black Female Bodies

Face masks, pads, and liners received during the Covid-19 aid drive.

COVID-19 Mutual Aid Drive

Kenya is at 3215 cases as at today on 12th June  2020 and while more people are testing positive and being taken to quarantine areas set aside by the government, everyone who is negative is being asked to stay at home, beaten for not observing curfews and arrested for trying to fend for themselves. Covid-19Continue reading “COVID-19 Mutual Aid Drive”

Anti Femicide March 2019

KFS organized the anti-Femicide march Kisumu version which was part of the nationwide Femicide march in Kenya that was held in March 8th 2019. The march was a way of demanding that the government declares Femicide in Kenya an issue of national emergency and if possible set up systems that worked towards its prevention andContinue reading “Anti Femicide March 2019”

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