Kisumu’s Feminists Society is dedicated to providing resources to African feminists and LGBTQ people.

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Radical Community Care

On 10th September 2021, we organized a food rive that saw 60 plus women, trans and gnc persons come to get food. This project has been on going since last year when covid 19 hit and has seen us be able to support over 500 women, trans and gnc persons with both food packages andContinue reading “Radical Community Care”

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Humanizing Black Female Bodies: Feminist Convening 2019

Humanizing Black Female Bodies is a dedication to all black women living in the world that still doesn’t want to accept their human factor.  It comes as a way of educating women on the sacredness of their bodies irrespective of religion, sexuality, social status or political affiliation. In giving this power to black women, thisContinue reading “Humanizing Black Female Bodies: Feminist Convening 2019”

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