Kisumu’s Feminists Society is dedicated to providing resources to African feminists and LGBTQ people.

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Kisumu Feminists Society Profile

We are a young feminist organization in kisumu Kenya that works with women, trans and gnc persons. Our work mostly entails sparking conversations around emerging issues and shedding light on them and this we do through advocacy both online and offline. We organize protests, create forums for conversations to happen in what we call MonthlyContinue reading “Kisumu Feminists Society Profile”

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Humanizing Black Female Bodies: Feminist Convening 2019

Humanizing Black Female Bodies is a dedication to all black women living in the world that still doesn’t want to accept their human factor.  It comes as a way of educating women on the sacredness of their bodies irrespective of religion, sexuality, social status or political affiliation. In giving this power to black women, thisContinue reading “Humanizing Black Female Bodies: Feminist Convening 2019”

Anti Femicide March 2019

KFS organized the anti-Femicide march Kisumu version which was part of the nationwide Femicide march in Kenya that was held in March 8th 2019. The march was a way of demanding that the government declares Femicide in Kenya an issue of national emergency and if possible set up systems that worked towards its prevention andContinue reading “Anti Femicide March 2019”

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