Afrika is a Radical African Lesbian feminist with a passion for women and queer girls rights in Kenya.

A little about Afrika…

She is currently the Coordinator of Kisumu Feminists Society and the Convener of Humanizing Black Female Bodies. She is a 5 day feminist convening that was aimed at shedding light on the Femicide crisis in Kenya and unpacking the politics around it. 

She has also partnered with different organizations to hold her own events like Kisumu Feminist Dialogues, Discussions on women’s rights with young women in from universities, TotalShutDownKE Kisumu and Kisumu Femicide Vigil.

Humanizing Black Female Bodies was born out of her experiences as a queer black woman existing in Africa and since the Women’s March named Total Shut Down KE, she has involved a group of likeminded women to push her feminist agendas through.

Her feminist values are transparency, accountability and radical sister and her vision for the LBQT movement in Kenya is to create a racial and intersectional feminist space that is governed by feminist values and beliefs. She is also a writer, facilitator, blogger, movement builder and feminist healer.

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